Noel Neu is a Conscious Awareness Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist with 15 years extensive experience. He works with adults and adolescents who have been through trauma, have addiction, codependency and behavioral issues and focuses on helping them improve communication skills and enhance their ability to set and achieve attainable goals and improve their lives. He also works with family systems to help improve conscious healing outcomes during marital difficulties and divorce.

Noel took his career as a psychotherapist and fused it with music. The help he has given his patients along with the healing work he has done on himself, has heavily influenced his take on the music he creates. He has also presented a way for listeners to connect through self-reflection, with the goal to heal the mind, body, spirit, heart, and soul and discover who they really are.

With over 150 songs and 3 albums released on his own, Noel wants to continue connecting with people healing from trauma, through music.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call (561) 845-9488 or you can email him HERE.