Men’s Therapy

It is very important to me to help men work through blocks that impede personal growth.

My focus is grounded in helping men develop an awareness and understanding of the adult male psyche and become better skilled at processing issues that he may be encountering in today’s society.

Mentoring young adult men is an area of focus of my practice. I help them develop their life path and to make more effective life choices by improving communication and interpersonal skills in all relationships.

Women’s Therapy

For both young and evolved women, it is important to create an environment of emotional safety. This is achieved through validation and empathy for their strengths to be recovered within themselves.

As strong and powerful women who have been sequestered in a male dominated society, this work is set up to reclaim who they are truly meant to be; empowered/assertive and compassionate/loving.


Family is the foundation of our society. About half the population in the US get a divorce. Learning how to separate amicably or discover ways to stay together (when feasible) can be a huge benefit to preserving families.

I help families look at options such as Conscious Family Healing or Conscious Uncoupling.

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