The purpose of the workshop is to release energy from trauma and the attachment to our story.  Everyone has a story in life; we can become stuck in the story as we suppress and attach to the feelings that we have, or we can choose to let go and heal. Unconsciously, we use these stories to hold us back in some area of our lives. When we put our story to song, it changes the energy of the story and how we feel, so as to release the attachment. In essence, it changes the story.

We will help you to discover that anyone can be a songwriter. You will experience a way to shift your connection to your story and yourself through song, as we connect with ourselves and each other in love, sharing and support.  

*Option to sing your own created lyric, verse or song or it can be sung for you or with you.

For more information or to set up a workshop, please call (561) 845-9488 or you can email us HERE.