Be True to You

What is true in life?  Is it something or some moment that is honest, authentic, or real?  Is it the perception that has been given to you and received by you into your belief system?  Yes to all of it.  The statement, “What you believe is what you become,” is the cornerstone of what we experience as being true in our lives.  TRUE – Timeless, Real, Undying, Energy.  The key is that there is no beginning, middle, or end to the energy of what is true, and that it cannot be eradicated as it is.  This means that what is true in the moment to you is timeless real undying energy.  The difficulty with living in a state of being true to ourselves is that we take on another belief that appears true based on our experiences with shame, guilt, and any sort of traumatic set of events.  Becoming aware of and accepting what is true in our lives, and then separating the false based on fear with what is really true is what I intend to help you to do.

I’m going make a promise to myself, I’m going to do this wrong. That’s what I’m going to do, and here’s the key, I’m going to love myself for doing it wrong. Even though I really wanna do it right, I’m going to love myself for doing it wrong.

So here’s where I’m at, I don’t know what I’m doing. But I know I wanna be doing this. Right now I consider myself, a therapist, a leader, a mentor, a guide, a director of some degree, and those are some titles. And also I think of myself as a less than, not good enough and failing at what I do.

So to me, “What do I do with all that?”, I mean you know, I got some titles and I got some things that I don’t like. Uhm I got some things that people tell me that are good. And the only thing that can come / occur to me is to love myself, to truly love myself.

Something that I’m definitely and learning how to do and practice and to me it seems like it’s the only thing to do.

So one of the things that I’ve had difficulty with in loving myself is, ” what does it mean to love myself” i mean it feels like it could be some kind of a grandiose thing. “I just love myself,and I’m the best and I don’t care about anybody else.” And unfortunately, for me, that’s been my experiences through out my whole lifetime. But maybe it’s fortunate for me. Because loving itself or loving myself is deeper than that. Loving myself has nothing to do with that,I mean the Ego, and it has everything to do with it because it’s a part of who I am as a soul in this life. I have an ego in this point of existence. So I either think I am better than, or worst than, greater than, less than. but the reality is, is that to truly love is to love all of it.

You know, the grandiose personality does not love the less than him or herself. So therefore it comes out cause as this very grandiose,self-centered,selfish human being.

And I’ve been,in my lifetime, grandiose in a way, where in it’s OK that i feel less than but not greater than, because here’s the deal, I never loved either one. so there’s my goal, here’s my goal right now. “Love all of it”, the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifference, the short, the fat, the magnanimous, the brilliant, the lazy, the success and the failure and everything in between.

So that’s my goal. Whatever that I could do to help you with that, that’s what I wanna do.

So it came to me that what I wanna call it is the “BE TRUE TO YOU” lessons of life. I mean how to be true to you. And I am going to anoint myself as the BE TRUE TO YOU GURU. So that’s it and I’ll see you next time.