Be True to You 2

So how do you know if you are actually being true to yourself?  It really is based on the level or amount of time you spend being present with what you are doing, how you are feeling, and what your wants or needs are as you go about your time interacting with yourself and others.  Here is a good set of questions to ask yourself that will show you internally where you are at in being in true to yourself – Am I being honest with myself, am I owning how I feel and what I am doing or not doing, am I loving myself, am I allowing myself to be who I am, am I responding to an internal need as I experience what I am doing and how I am feeling.  Answering no to any or all of the self-asked questions will uncover where you are out of sync with your true self, and caught in difficult inter-relational experiences.

Hi, Noel Neu, your BE TRUE TO YOU guru here.

And I’m really excited today. I just came up with this. So I started to come up with this little checklist and sheet on what I mean by “Be True to You”.

And I’m very excited to present. I like to eventually,I’m gonna have some nice graphics and all that kind of good stuff, And I’ll show it up there and all that. But right now I’m just gonna go over with the old printed paper version.

So what do I mean by TRUE.
I love acronyms and this acronym came to me.
TRUE – Timeless, Real, Undying Energy.
So, that what ever is true in my life it means there is no beginning, middle and end, it’s timeless. It’s real, it’s tangible. Undying, it’s, you know, it can’t be eradicated. Energy. You know, Timeless, real,undying energy.

So that’s what’s true. So when I say “be true to you”, I’m saying really “be true to me”. For me, be true to me is,
“Am I, in that aspect of what is true, with how I feel, what I’m doing, who I believe I am, and what I am thinking in all aspects of my life.”

And so I came up with this little handy dandy checklist. Rather than just keep showing you, coz I don’t have the zoom yet. But what I’m gonna do is just go over it.

So really what came to me is
“Am I being honest with myself, with who I am and where or how I feel?”.
“Am I truly being honest with that.”
“Am I owning thru acceptance,do I accept how I feel with what i am doing or not doing”.
“Am I loving myself in every way, caring about myself in all ways, including when i don’t feel good about myself”.
“Am I still being loving and caring in that way.”
“Am I allowing myself to be who I am, appreciating all that I am in all aspects?”
“Am I responding to any internal needs that’s arising as I experience what I’m doing and feeling”.
So things that arise internally that I need you to think a certain way, or feel a certain way or what ever reaction that I feel like I need with all the consequence or what have you.

So I’m checking through those, there’s a good chance that to answer what I am doing is Timeless , real, undying energy is in the sense of how I’m experiencing my life. and thus being true to myself.

And then the next part of it is, so how can I just put this in a nice easy formula. and it came to me, HEALTH.
If that is a part of the process of how I’m dealing with myself, in my actions or in your actions, in all forms of my life, my thoughts, my feelings at least, then I’m being true to me.
So for you to be able to be true to you, are you experiencing this HEALTH.

Okay, so that’s it for today.
I appreciate you being you. And again my name is Noel Neu, your BE TRUE TO YOU guru and enjoy your day and love to you.