Working with adolescents and children making the transition into adolescence, it is important they feel comfortable and safe so they can share honestly and openly about difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives.

Meeting with the parents or an individual parent in the first session with the adolescent boy or girl, is necessary to establish a successful foundation in the therapeutic rapport.

Areas I help adolescents improve their lives include:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Developing and prioritizing life goals
  • Improving communication skills with parents, other family members, peers, and teachers
  • Gaining insight into building healthy relationships
  • Making better and more effective choices regarding peer-pressure issues involving alcohol, drug use, and other ineffective behaviors

The age range I work with include boys and girls from ages 9 through 19. Family sessions to incorporate healthy communications between the adolescent and other family members are suggested throughout the course of therapy to enhance the child’s therapeutic development.

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