In working with people suffering from any type of trauma, depression or addiction of any kind, it is important that the underlying cause is addressed.

Music therapy helps a person go beyond the beliefs that have kept them stuck in their patterns of ineffective behaviors by helping them to reclaim who they really are. By engaging in the creative flow of music, clients will find a way to access their emotions more freely, removing blocks that help them move forward.

A person’s mind, body, and spirit are affected by an increasing need to fill a “void”; as if something is missing or they don’t feel “good enough.”

Furthermore, unresolved grief issues can block a person’s progress in healing and it is extremely important to learn how to grieve. Music therapy has been shown to assist in enhancing the grief process and heal.

In addition to individual sessions in my office, music therapy groups can be held in any facility set up for the purpose of assisting people to heal such as treatment centers, assisted living, group homes and hospitals.

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