Empathic Partners 2015 Review


2015 was a great year! I hope that 2016 is a year full of excitement for you and all of your family!

I started to re-engage with the website last fall and really enjoyed some of the content that was created. I have re-posted everything below for you if you didn’t have a chance to check out some of the videos I released.

I will be posting more content throughout the year for you to enjoy.

Be True to You

What is true in life?  Is it something or some moment that is honest, authentic, or real?  Is it the perception that has been given to you and received by you into your belief system?  Yes to all of it.  The statement, “What you believe is what you become,” is the cornerstone of what we experience as being true in our lives.  TRUE – Timeless, Real, Undying, Energy.

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Be True to You 2

So how do you know if you are actually being true to yourself?  It really is based on the level or amount of time you spend being present with what you are doing, how you are feeling, and what your wants or needs are as you go about your time interacting with yourself and others.

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Clean and Clear

The ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’oponopono has helped me become true to myself in how I engage others and what I set out to do.

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Eliminate the Hate

Deep self-reflection is a spiritual path to the consciousness of society as a whole, as what is being acted out is within and around us all at once.

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