Addictions and Codependency Treatment

Addictions of any kind affect the entire family, and the result of this condition is called codependency. In working with people suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol it is important that the disease concept of addiction is addressed.

The disease concept of addiction is explained in many different ways, however, the gist of it is that a person’s mind, body, and spirit are affected by an increasing need to fill a “void.” The person suffering from codependent beliefs that lead to ineffective behaviors have an underlying thought process that is based on a “need to be needed.”

The twelve-step approach and other modalities that help a person fill this “void” and “need” in their lives are most effective in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a recovering person’s life.

Furthermore, unresolved grief issues can block a person’s progress in recovery. Education on the five stages of grief, and identification and processing through the stages, can assist in enhancing the quality of an addiction or codependency recovery program.

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